New Natural Won First Prize of Science and Technology Award Issued By MOST

 Chinese Medicine Extract Standard Research Platform Construction Project is an important tache of National Science and Technology Major Projects for “Major New Drugs Innovation and Development” which carries great significance to the modernization of Chinese Medicine. Under the leadership of Professor Yan Weidong, the R&D director of New natural Technologies, and the technical consultant, professor Zhu, the project won the first prize of Science and Technology Award in December 12th 2012, awarded by Ministry of Science and Technology (Item Number 2009ZX09309-004-004). The success of the project demonstrates that New natural’s technology wins acknowledgment by one step ahead in the high-end Chinese Medicine standard extract field and lays a solid technical foundation for New Natural’s further extension in natural medicine market in China. It could both strengthen the technological competitiveness of the company itself and contribute to promote the development of local economy and society.

Choosing <Chinese Medicine Extract Standard Research Platform Construction > as research project requires years of accumulated professional studies and practices of product development. For New Natural, this award carries double significances: first, it demonstrates the correctness of company’s high-tech-oriented research development strategy that concentrates on ongoing development and innovation. Second, it shows that the company has met a higher and newer level in the field of plant extract research which is a great affirmation and inspiration for New Natural’s research development.

New Natural will devote itself to the application and promotion of the award-winning project to drive this scientific and technological achievements to further play an important role in the plant extract industry and achieve more remarkable effect.